Sharing our insights

With our global presence and extensive expertise in education and research, we are ideally positioned to share insights that not only inspire and inform our global communities, but also effect positive change in both the sectors we operate in, and wider society.

Over the year, we conducted several pieces of research to advance current thinking and spark conversation on important areas relating to education, research, and English language teaching.
  • We reflected on the impact Covid-19 had on education and the opportunities and challenges brought about by a rapid shift to digital learning. We then took a closer look at how to address the digital divide—an issue exacerbated by the pandemic—to ensure future education is accessible for all.
  • We highlighted the power of reading in helping young people to make sense of the world around them through research into reading habits across the world.
  • We captured the changing trends in the language around vaccines during a period of unprecedented change in our data-informed Word of the Year 2021 report.
  • We collaborated with a range of experts to summarize the latest thinking and research on the implications of adopting an English as an international language (EIL) approach to pronunciation teaching.
  • We explored the current state of science education, presenting insights and recommendations from teachers and science experts on what needs to be done to evolve curricula and prepare students for future challenges such as climate change.
Sharing our findings will ensure we continue to contribute and influence important industry discussions and best practices.

Case studies

Addressing the challenges of digital learning

Capturing the climate with our Word of the Year 2021, 'Vax'

Sharing the power of language and reading

Increasing knowledge of English pronunciation in a global world

Making science fit for the future