Operating responsibly

Our mission is to further the University’s objectives of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. We know the positive impact our products and services have on people all over the world, but we recognize that we must operate sustainably. From our environmental footprint, to supporting our people and the communities we serve and our ethical conduct, we endeavour to act responsibly in everything we do.

How we operate responsibly

As a global organization with a presence in around 50 countries, we take steps to understand and positively impact the wider world around us, while also seeking opportunities to be more sustainable, extend our reach, and work responsibly.

This commitment is reflected in our first-ever Responsible Publishing Report, which captures our achievements from the past year and speaks to our ambitions for the future.

Main highlights include:

‘We have bold ambitions but, in many areas, we are only just starting out on our journey. However, thanks to the commitment of our people and the partners we work with, I am proud of what we have achieved so far and confident that looking ahead, our progress will be even greater.'

Nigel Portwood, CEO

You can read the full breakdown of our activities and case studies in our 2021/22 Responsible Publishing Report.