Higher Education

Higher Education has changed; although many campuses around the world returned to in-person teaching, the increase in hybrid offerings from the first year of the pandemic held steady. And now that instructors have transitioned to more digital solutions, they are content to stay with our digital products—reinforced by our robust Instructor Voice of the Customer survey. Overall, our flagship products continued to grow throughout the year and our enhanced eBooks programme scaled out successfully across all geographies.

Promising growth

Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 continues to bring uncertainty to the Higher Education sector, especially around international student enrolment and budgetary pressures. Even so, our division saw impressive growth in several areas:

  • An 82 per cent increase in turnover in the US from Inclusive Access—affordable, high-quality digital content for students.
  • In Canada, institutional sales of Inclusive Access increased 66 per cent and turnovers increased 61 per cent.
  • In the UK, our digital collections offering, Politics Trove and Law Trove, grew again, delivering on £3 million in turnover.
  • Law Trove had one million more views than last year, with a 200 per cent turnover increase.
  • 32 per cent increase in order value and 65 per cent increase in new business compared to last year with Epigeum—online courses that support universities to deliver core activities of research, studying, and support and wellbeing.

Striking shifts to digital

The shift to digital continues to gather pace. Overall, 37 per cent of turnover came from digital formats, compared to 28 per cent last year.

There were many signs that in-person teaching will be supplemented by online teaching and learning. For example, the Higher Education team in Australia and New Zealand adopted the proprietary OUP platform Learning Link, which is already thriving in the UK, US, and Canada.

Learning Link offers student and lecturer supporting resources, along with the ability to add interactive experiences to eBooks, and integrate with university learning management systems. It is an exciting foundation for our digital growth in the region.


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views for the Law Trove than last year

A variety of new launches

As well as developing our existing content, we also launched a huge range of new titles and platforms:

  • We were excited to launch our first Immunology, Cognition, and Child Development titles in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) category.
  • We launched SQE Prep and Practise, a digital-first resource to support candidates preparing to take the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam 1 assessment.
  • We launched the International Student Success course in Epigeum, offering invaluable advice and support for settling in and succeeding at university.
  • We introduced the next phase of Research Skills ToolkitBecoming a Researcher—launched as part of a major update to Epigeum’s flagship product. The 14 courses provide junior researchers with essential skills training.


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