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While Covid-19 continues to impact trading and business operations in many markets, ELT saw growth in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. Digital product sales in ELT grew by 28 per cent and represent an increasing proportion of divisional turnover. Meanwhile, our Rights and Licensing business had successes around the world, especially in Asian markets.

Assessment grew rapidly, exceeding pre-pandemic performance, with the Oxford Test of English (OTE) celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Spain remains the core market for OTE, but there was significant growth in other markets, most notably Turkey.

Changing policies and curriculum

China’s regulatory changes had an impact on the ELT division’s trading this financial year. The new education policy greatly reduced subject-based off-campus tutoring for students, including the learning of English outside of school.

In Spain, the upcoming start of a curriculum reform cycle created new publishing opportunities. We introduced three ELT Primary courses (Open Up, World Class, All About Us Now), and three ELT Secondary courses (Synchronize, On Track, Life Vision Spain).


countries where ELT products are sold


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impressions on social media, an all-time high

New digital products

We introduced the Oxford English Hub, which will become the single digital destination for teachers and learners of English. Through the Hub, users will be able to access all their digital course materials in one place, on any device, for every step of the teaching journey, including planning and teaching lessons, assigning homework, tracking progress, and assessing students. After successful piloting in selected markets, the Hub generated over 60,000 new user sessions, and 900 trials for new courses.

This year also saw the launch of the Oxford Reading Club, an online subscription platform for graded readers. It was a huge success, surpassing our target of £1 million in turnover, and becoming a finalist in the 2021 BETT awards. An agreement with the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg has also made the Oxford Reading Club widely available in the country’s state schools.

Growing our digital experience

During 2021/22, our digital products and services rose in popularity. More than twice as many people used the Oxford Learners Bookshelf, with around 30 million sessions across the year. Our Oxford Online Practice platform delivered approximately 29 million learner sessions.

Our virtual customer events went from strength to strength this year:

  • We reached 182,000 teachers across a variety of social activities and community events, such as livestreams, Oxford Teachers’ Academy, and the return of face-to-face events in some markets.
  • ELTOC, our industry-leading virtual conference, was again successful with 9,000 attendees from over 150 countries. It will now move to a quarterly cadence to reach new audiences and keep the English language teaching community connected.

  • We developed a new roster of virtual events and training, delivering 357 webinars with a total of 251,000 registrants.
  • We experimented with live streaming and reached two million viewers.
  • 400,000 minutes of OUP content and training was viewed on social media.
  • We launched the first Global ELT Summit, a virtual networking conference for our our key account customers. Over 200 customers from across the world attended.


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Case study

Oxford Reading Club goes global